5 Secrets Become a Travel For Better Recreation

Are you a traveler? You have often traveled around Indonesia and even traveled abroad for recreation, right? During the trip you will definitely find a variety of experiences, whether it’s a pleasant experiences or a bad experience. But, whatever his experience, surely it will never be forgotten. There are three categories for peoples who leave their home for temporary  jaunts to other places: tourists, travelers and good travelers. This article will explain about how to be a good traveler.

Wake up earlier

When you are going to recreation, you have to wake up earlier than usual. This is because the morning air is more enjoyable for travel. For those of you who like photography, the morning atmosphere is also very interesting to capture, especially if you are traveling to the mountains and the coast. You can enjoy the sunrise.

Prepare cash

You have to prepare cash to travel. If you only rely on ATM, your life during the trip is not necessarily guaranteed. This is because not all corners of the area have ATMs. Just in case you better prepare enough cash. Enough to eat and drink, the cost of lodging, transportation and so forth. other than that, don’t put cash only in one place, such as a wallet. this is so that when your wallet is taken away by a thief, you still have cash in your pocket or in your bag.

Don’t tell everyone where you want to go

If you meet with taxi drivers, don’t tell them where you want to go. Let them show you where to go. If you are in a restaurants, do not immediately decide what food menu you will order. But, ask the bartender which food and drink you should try in that place. Make the taxi drivers and bartenders are your guides. You can ask to your friends who around the location to indicate which place you recommended to visit. This is because you must be free when you are recreation.

Be friendly and hang out with the locals

You also have to get along with local residents, in addition to getting new friends, you can also get to know local characters and culture. Learn to better understand local life. Don’t just enjoy the beautiful scenery, but also recognize the characteristics of the area. Provide some time to observe the surroundings, the behavior of its citizens, the character of its citizens, and its natural resources. By approaching its citizens, chances are that you will be invited directly by the citizens to take part in activities that are usually done there and classified as unique, it can add to your experience, right? Make your place of recreation as a place to find new friends.

Prepare important documents and photo documentation

You have to back up the data so that when the original data is lost, you still have a backup of the data, such as a copy of KTP, passport and others. Besides, you have to take as many photos as possible. Also prepare a spare battery for the camera so it doesn’t run out.

Thus are the 5 secrets of being the best explorer. You can do recreation to various places, but still have to pay attention to the tips above so that your trip is more memorable and a lot of experience.